Program Development including:

  • Comprehensive Needs Assessment: data collection, analyzation, and proposed plan using a logic model process
  • Implementation Plan:  outcome, indicator, and objective description with staff/team assignment to make your large project goals attainable

Leadership and Team Development including:

  • Team Development: using Myers-Briggs and creative, interactive activities to create cohesive teams and organizational growth
  • Leadership Development: uses Myers-Briggs and Transformational Leadership principles to help your leaders thrive and develop their teams to progress the organization towards its strategic goals
  • Organizational Culture prescription: uses Myers-Briggs for each staff member along with individual coaching; a detailed synopsis is provided to leadership to understand the internal needs of the organization to influence growth.  A prescription is written after in-depth conversations with the organization’s leadership to assist in shifting organizational culture.

— Team Building for Strategic Planning —

All services can be coupled with administering the Myers-Briggs Type Index (MBTI) which allows teams to take an in-depth look at the personality preferences of team members;  leading to a deeper understanding of how to increase group and ultimately organizational functionality.


business concept

Great things happen when great minds meet! The facilitator begins by working with the team to develop a theme, such as how to improve organizational/client communications or how to deal with complicated clients. This creates a defined focus without hindering free expression.
Open discussion begins with strategic, yet fun interactions to get their creative juices flowing.  Smaller teams later convene to discuss topical sessions related to the team.  Participants move freely between them, from one convener/session to another, sharing, listening, adding opinions and cross-pollinating. As this pragmatic but creative process continues, team members identify the steps necessary to address the issues and opportunities that are revealed. The entire group reconvenes to clarify, expand upon ideas and establish steps and priorities.

  • Involve, inspire, discover and unleash employee potential.
  • Energize team members to participate freely to create ideas and find solutions.
  • Achieve continuous improvement in a workplace aligned with values and culture.
  • Identify steps to improve processes and policies with the input of committed employees.
  • Foster innovation and collaboration in a workplace where new ideas are welcomed

How It’s Done:

  • Indoor
  • Half or full day
  • Active Forum may be customized to complement other programs for your team




Not just another meeting… an explosively extraordinarily effective meeting.

Free from the ordinary and daily distractions, this meeting occurs in a place that creates and encourages creative thinking.  Sometimes the venue and/or the approach prohibits breakthrough.  However, amazing things happen with a breakthrough from the ordinary.  This venture can be physically challenging or a relaxing out-take.  It is up to you!

In pairs and small groups we guide focused discussion centering on pre-determined topics, switching partners, moving on to new topics and reconvening as a group to take stock and reflect. Ideas are born and shared, captured and prioritized for more in-depth discussion at a later time. Away from the office, teams are strengthened and become far more cohesive.

  • Establish stronger relationships with a unique shared experience.
  • Build trust, share ideas and spur creativity to tackle the toughest issues.
  • Implement new ideas embraced by a committed, reinvigorated team.
  • Accomplish what simply can’t happen in a conference room.

How It’s done:

  • Outdoor
  • Half-day



The best way to make a crucial meeting more effective may be to let someone else run it!

A common frustration of work teams is that crucial meetings are too often disappointing and ineffective. Participants settle into their comfortable and familiar roles, and leaders consumed by running the meeting are unable to creatively contribute and guide as they’d like. This leads to an unproductive meeting where decisions aren’t made and problems aren’t solved.  What is needed is as simple as breaking away from routine.

Our meeting facilitators work with you to develop the meeting agenda, incorporating the interactive challenges that energize and illuminate in a welcomed and needed change of pace. Meeting facilitation keeps the process moving and on-point, deftly maintaining the balance between substantive progress and an open opportunity for participants to freely contribute.

We’ll work with you to set the ground rules, and then keep the atmosphere positive and the meeting constructive, on-course and faithful to your agenda and needs. You can depend on us to expertly resolve and diffuse conflict while ensuring respectful treatment of everyone’s ideas. Participants also benefit from short teaching exercises that are congruent with your objectives, such as decision-making, problem-solving, conflict resolution and meeting effectiveness.

  • Achieve extraordinary decision-making success.
  • Maximize participation and optimize value in a truly effective meeting.
  • Discover new strategies and tackle the most explosive issues.
  • Strengthen your team with a game-changing one-day retreat.
  • Return to the office energized and enthusiastic.

How it’s done:

  • Half day to full day
  • Retreat style (off-site or on-site)
  • Indoors




SWOT Analysis is at the heart of effective Strategic Planning.

SWOT Analysis is a technique used to identify and understand strengths and weaknesses, as it looks for opportunities and examines threats you may face. Some aspects may not be known to your team members until completing this invigorating session.  A formal SWOT Analysis is a comprehensive, lengthy and time-consuming process. What if you don’t have that luxury of time? You need disciplined, productive discussion focusing on current issues viewed through a forward-thinking lens, but you need results immediately—today or next week, not next month or next year.

SWOT Team is an accelerated, fast-paced, targeted and highly effective approach. Driving visionary conversation, the objective is to solve problems, find better ways, identify solutions and prepare for action in hours rather than days. Invested in the process and with accountability for the results, your employees return to work rejuvenated, reenergized and committed. Expect an extraordinary return on your training investment—we’ve routinely seen powerful Action Plans developed in a few hours.

Touching virtually every imaginable aspect of business: improving meetings, recruiting, orientation, training, recognition and rewards programs and moreSWOT Team participants are fully engaged and gain superior insight into organizational culture, a heightened understanding of company values, and a broader awareness of opportunities. All are further complemented by improved relationships with fellow team members.

  • Foster naturally evolving accountability in engaged, focused team members.
  • Create a culture of action, continuous improvement and idea generation.
  • Provide employees an opportunity to weigh-in and creatively participate.
  • Develop Action Plans with employee input and greater commitment to implementation.

How it’s done:

  • Indoor
  • Half-day or full-day
  • SWOT Team may be customized to complement other programs for your team

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